About Me


I am currently an English PhD Candidate at the University of Waterloo, working under the supervision of Dr. Aimée Morrison. My research interests include 20th Century American literature, (Digital) Life Writing, and Media Studies, all of which intersect in my academic work.  At the undergraduate level, I have instructed  courses on academic writing, digital communication technologies and the identities and social spaces these technologies produce, and literary representations of digital technology. These courses involve a variety of methods, including media analysis, rhetorical analysis, and literary analysis.

My academic writing has appeared in African American Review, Canadian Review of American Studies, and The International Journal of Comic Art. My dissertation, entitled “Only Connect: The Virtual Communities of Gertrude Stein and David Foster Wallace,” is a comparative study that examines Stein’s engagement with radio and Wallace’s engagement with the Internet, the democratic poetics in these engagements, and the auto/biographical practices these engagement elicits from readers to form communities.

At Brock University, I completed my English Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in 2011. I continued at Brock University to complete my English Masters degree in the English department’s “Text/Community/Discourse” Masters program. Under the supervision of Dr. Tim Conley, I wrote a Major Research Project (MRP) entitled “Let It Treble in Your Silence Still: Seeking Community in Silent Spaces in David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest.”

You can view my full CV here: Miletic_CV