About Me


During the day, I am a Graduate Career Advisor at the Centre for Career Action at the University of Waterloo. I provide career support for graduate students and postdocs pursuing academic- and industry-related jobs through one-on-one appointments, workshops, and conferences that prioritize a value-centric approach.

At night, I am an independent researcher in (Digital) Life Writing, (New) Media studies, and 20th-century American literature. My research addresses the cultural narratives surrounding and participating in technologies through the intersections of digital life writing, media archeology, and narratives about tech in American culture. In the Fall of 2018, I successfully completed my PhD in English at the University of Waterloo.

As an instructor, I have designed and taught courses on academic writing, digital communication technologies, literary representations of digital technology, and comics. These courses involve a variety of methods, including media analysis, rhetorical analysis, and literary analysis, as well as experiential activities and assignments such as critical media projects and workshops.

Over at my blog, you can read updates on my research, teaching, and past graduate experiences.

Check out My CV below (last updated June 4th, 2020) or you can view my Critical Media Projects, Teaching, and Publications on this site.