New site, New Blog

It has been awhile since I’ve taken to the blog. I’ve fallen in and out of habit – it was a good tool for comps, practicing written answers and sharing those answers with my peers. And it was a good tool for thinking through my dissertation. And I also facilitated an online reading group blog for my dissertation and integrated an online reading group blog for one of my classes (to much fanfare). The blog medium has never really left me, but it hasn’t always been consistently part of my weekly or monthly practices. Once I really got into writing the dissertation, the thought of writing more about it (in addition to my notebooks), was a bit too much. And hence the silence.

But whenever I’ve fallen out of keeping up with the blog, I’ve always missed it – carving out time for it, thinking of what to write about, and exploring the ideas I was struggling with that week or that month.

So, as the dissertation gradually comes to an end (hurrah!) and as I prepare to go on the job market (or rather, as I am already on the job market), I’ve thought to take up a blog once more with a new site and keep at it, no matter what! And I plan to post weekly, whether it be about the latest game I’m playing and the book I’m reading, or conference proceedings and the latest research questions I’m tackling, or my teaching and the contents of my course and its lessons, etc. Basically, anything that comes across my mind that I want to think through and explore. Monday mornings is the plan.

Stay tuned,


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